About me

With years of experience in graphic design, I have honed my ability to comprehend and cater to client requirements while staying up-to-date with the latest trends. Furthermore, I’ve collaborated with various businesses, tailoring designs to suit their respective niches. More recently, I’ve been working as a freelance web designer, specializing in WordPress-based website development for small business owners. Additionally, I take on the responsibility of managing their social media presence by crafting and sharing content that boosts their brand’s organic growth on social media platforms, ultimately enhancing their business performance.

Over the years, I’ve ventured into various design realms, including branding, printing, art/illustration, and packaging. My current role involves website design and the creation of social media content. Through my involvement in numerous live projects, I’ve cultivated a heightened appreciation for user experience.

My projects typically revolve around addressing everyday problems by posing questions and conducting user research to discover effective solutions. I also employ tools like wireframes, journey maps, and prototypes to gain a deeper understanding of the end-user’s perspective. As a result, I allocate more of my time to projects that promise a more substantial and meaningful impact.

This is what I do

I obtain a set of skills that contribute to all that I do!

Graphic design

I craft graphics that cater to businesses and their specific niches, whether it's personalizing logos or delivering a comprehensive brand design.

Photographer / videographer

"To become a great portrait photographer, you'll want to capture 1,000 portraits." I'm currently at 265, thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.


Lately, I've been overseeing social media platforms for non-profit organizations and personal businesses, creating visually appealing graphics and images that convey a clear and compelling message.


My journey began with a studio art degree and a passion for painting. I find that painting is the most effective way to relieve stress and step away from the computer.


One of the best ways to practice photography and videography is by traveling! Capturing memories of diverse cultures, exquisite cuisine, and beautiful people feels incredibly artistic.


Much like graphics, your website or app design should seamlessly align with your content. Therefore, I can assist you in crafting exceptional content that complements both my strategy and your business.

My Skills

I believe in the fact that learning never stops and I am interested in learning new technologies and programming languages that will help me become a better designer.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Premier Pro



American University of Antigua,

Digital Design Lead

Generate clear ideas, concepts and designs of creative assets from beginning to end. Submitting visual design concepts for brainstorming and approval in a timely manner. Enhancing digital images, including the application of contrasts and gradients. Work collaboratively with other designers to ensure a consistent, integrated brand perception and user-experience. Translate client business requirements, user needs, technical requirements into designs that are visually enticing, easy to use, and emotionally engaging.

2022- Present

MGH Cancer Center,


Graphic Designer

Responsibilities included creating promotional materials, web portal identity, and a comprehensive booklet, both in print and digital formats. Collaborated with stakeholders to ensure all designs aligned with the event’s objectives, resulting in a consistent and compelling visual representation of the colloquium. This experience highlighted my ability to manage and execute design projects for significant events, covering both print and digital media

2018- Present

Rejouis Visuals,

Digital Media Consultant

Conceptualize, design, and create branding identities, including packaging, decks, brochures, illustrations, and infographics. Design logos, website, social graphics, info media campaign ads for different companies. Designed and executed web-ready digital content for small companies. Achieve organic growth on social media platforms for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Resume / CV